Purchasing a New Construction Home Without Your Agent

Purchasing a New Construction Home Without Your Agent

Visiting a new homesite and making an offer to purchase a new construction home without the representation and knowledge of your own REALTOR® is risky business. The onsite new construction agent’s legal responsibility is to protect the financial interest of their employer, the builder. Their job is to negotiate the best possible deal for their own benefit and for the benefit of the builder, and not that of the unrepresented and unsuspecting buyer. The cost of the home is not reduced just because you are not represented by your own agent. However, without your REALTOR® representing and protecting you during the transaction and construction process, that purchase may cost you more than you bargained for financially; in liability and in property failure.

If you are considering purchasing a new construction home, I would highly advise against going it alone. Let me put my fifteen years of real estate experience and the knowledge gained from hundreds of successful transactions to work assisting you in navigating the complicated real estate sales process. I am here to assist you navigate the home purchase has it has nuances to resale properties. I do it all – new, existing and even out of market real estate. I offer a level of professional advice that is truly unparalleled. I am dedicated to:

  • Helping you choose the right builder for your situation
  • Being your negotiation advantage
  • Serving as your partner in the building process
  • Providing a wealth of area knowledge and comparison of options between builders
  • Supporting you throughout the building process and setting the right expectations
  • Sharing decorating trends
  • Assisting you with the placements of comfort and convenience layout for your home
  • Ensuring your home has been professionally inspected
  • Working as your eyes and ears if you are not local
  • Getting the most for your money
  • Guarding against over-improving for the market

Call me at (941) 405-3596, and I will schedule a tour of the new construction communities in the area that fits your needs, and register you as my customer.

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