Attorney Representation at Real Estate Closing

Attorney Representation at Real Estate Closing


Florida is a Title State. It is not required that a buyer or seller be represented by an attorney at a real estate closing. Unlike other states, like New York where each party is required to have representation, Florida real estate closings are considered “not adversarial.” As a Title State, Florida real estate closing may be facilitated by a Title company or real estate attorney that oversee the accuracy of the closing but does not represent either the buyer nor the seller. Each party having their own closing attorney are not required or necessary in Florida. However, a buyer or seller may still choose to retain an attorney to represent them at closing. If you choose to have attorney representation in closing a real estate transaction in Florida, it is important that you use a local real estate attorney who is familiar and experienced with the local rules and regulations necessary to close successfully. Relying on your “Cousin Vinny” the attorney from back home may not end well for you. You should settle for nothing less than an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, who specializes in real estate law.


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